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Melz Crochet Blog's Journal
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Below are the 3 most recent journal entries recorded in Melz Crochet Blog's LiveJournal:

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007
8:23 pm
Okay I know last entry I said I was slacking but now I'm really slacking. My writing teacher has been giving me a lot of work lately so I really haven't been able to write and crochet at the same time UGH I hate writing anyways onto my crafts

Finished Projects
Baby mittens and Baby scarf for Amanda (girl I work with)
Yarn: Still leftover yarn from my baby blanket
I don't have a picture sorry but if you look at the last post I did put up a pic of the mittens I made for Stacy

Tj and Cassandra's Baby Blanket
Yarn: 2 skeins of Orchid and Medium Purple Red Heart Yarn and then a skein of tan Red Heart and Coffee Red Heart oh and some black and white yarn for the eyes and nose
Picture 1
Picture 2

I did finish my wrist warmers from the last entry all the info on them is in that entry

Projects I'm working on
Caitlyn's Shrug still!!! They didn't have gray yarn when I went to A.C. Moore!!!
In the meantime I'm making her purple wristwarmers like the ones I made myself but I haven't gotten around to finishing the second one...

Projects that I plan to start but I'm just soooo lazy
James' Scarf
I <3 James and will make him a scarf soon
Click Me! <3

Some scarves/ mittens to sell. If you are interested please contact me through
myspace send me a message or something or if you have your own pattern or idea in mind and would like me to make something else for you (for some $ of course) message me too just keep in mind I am not a professional crocheter so don't ask me to make complicated things!!!!

Now that that's all taken care of I must write my paper that I've been putting off


Current Mood: drained
Wednesday, September 19th, 2007
8:05 pm
Omigod ENTRY!!! I've been slacking a lot on crocheting... sowwy!
Update of projects

Finished Projects
Scarf (which I <3 wearing lol)
Pattern 25 dc across and fringe on the end
Yarn used: I can't find the label from the skein I used but I know it's Caron brand and it's a larger skein and the colors are warmer colors.

Baby Mittens
Yarn Used: Leftover yarn from my baby blanket
These mittens are adorible and easy to make. I <3 them even though they aren't for me =P

Projects I'm working on
Caitlyn's Shrug...
When I go to AC Moore and get more yarn I can finish this

Baby Scarf
Pattern 15 sc across
Yarn used: Leftover yarn from my baby blanket

Wrist Warmers
Yarn Used: Red Heart don't know the actual color but it's light blue
I have one done so here's a pic

Projects I plan to start
Baby blanket for TJ and Cassandra
I'll start this once I get yarn from AC Moore
They didn't have the color I wanted when I was there

Scarf for James <3
Basically same as my other scarf
I'll start this once I get yarn for it

Mittens to go with my scarf

As you can see I need to go to AC Moore and get yarn. My mom was gonna take me yesterday but my Grandpa had to go to the hospital ='( Don't worry I'll get there eventually and get my projects done
Thursday, July 26th, 2007
11:32 pm
Okay this is my first post in this community. Basically whenever I post I'm going to put all my projects into three categories Finished Projects, Projects I'm currently working on, and Projects I plan to start. I will also post who/ what the project is for and the pattern/ yarn I used to make it. So without further ado here goes...

Finished Projects
Graduation Project Blanket
No pattern! I made 70 squares, 7 squares from each skein, bordered them and sewed them together
Yarn used: 10 skeins of Red Heart yarn and a 1 lb. skein of yarn for bordering
Colors: 5 solid color and 5 varigated

Dishtowel for Amanda
Yarn used: part of one skein of Red Heart yarn
Sorry I didn't take a pic of this it was a last minute thing

Baby Blanket for Stacey
Yarn Used: 3 1/2 skeins of Red Heart Baby yarn
Color: Bathtime Print

Projects I'm working on
Shrug for Caitlyn
Yarn used: One skein of each color used
Colors: Soft White, and Gray (I might need one more skein of gray... we'll see)
I just started the last sleeve so once I'm done crocheting I just have to sew it up and I'm done

Projects I plan to start
The Snuggles Project
Read about it here

Scarves and Hats that I plan to sell (If you are interested in one contact me!)
I don't have patterns yet...

Baby blanket for TJ and Cassandra
I can't post the pattern here bc it's a secret!
(Don't worry I'll post it once I'm done with the blanket)

PS I get all my patterns from Crochet Pattern Central (and for those who like to knit there is also Knitting Pattern Central)
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